Our Story


Autoplaytec was created by Ryan Douglas to provide the perfect collection of gifts through a range of astonishing retro model cars and motorbikes. If you are shopping for grandparents, parents, or children your dilemma has been solved. No more searching or thinking what gift to buy for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasions. 

With the Autoplaytec collection you are investing in your loved ones future assuring you'll never be forgotten. With this special collection that will become coveted heirlooms and passed down through generations, it will have been your foresight and wisdom that saw this opportunity to invest in their future.

Every one of Autoplaytec's vehicles are truly unique and having a character that is pleasing to the eye. Made more special when set in an Autoplaytec Display Case which itself is unique. Its colour coded presence is the perfect backdrop to show off each car and create its own personalty.

Ryan's attention to detail can be seen in each vehicle from the Type4's aerodynamic smooth lines, to the unique shape of the way out there Trike.

If you're really in need of something even more exceptional have a look at the TURBO RANGE. Each massive TURBO is made bespoke for you and hand crafted to be the most exceptional vehicle the world has ever seen! Prices for your bespoke TURBO can be ordered and cost between £5,000 to £50,000 depending on which spec you would desire.

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